Mehpare Alp 2

Mehpare Alp - HR Director, FNSS

Technology, Transformation & Human

Technological transformation has not only affected our lives as customers, but also influenced business life, products and products. Companies are facing with many different challenges, and the HR teams are responsible HR departments are responsible for the continuity of the company, to increase agility and to prepare the company against future challenges.We are now more decision-makers, change triggers and cultural architects. In this presentation, as FNSS, we will share our journey of transformation and lessons learned of this journey.

Murat Aydıner

Murat Aydıner - Digital HR, System and Innovation Projects Senior Manager, Türk Ekonomi Bankası

Peer to Peer Digital HR Experience

Are you ready to meet our new generation Mobile Mobile App “MobiliTEB” and “T-Bot” that has just joined our team?

The experiences of TEB employees during their career journey have been redesigned by the Digital HR approach.

Aslı Kunur

Aslı Kunur – Head of Human Resources

Own Your Career Ecosystem

With “Own Your Career Ecosystem” in line with the new generation employee expectations along with the digital transformation in business world, transformation in HR organizations and all these changes, the digital structure, which ensures that each employee makes decisions on training and career choices for their development, is introduced. While the employees’ embracing their career processes is supported with digital infrastructure, new generation leadership and continous learning perspectives, the operational support provider role of Human Resources s changing. Digital transformation brings forward the Human Resources’ aspect of being a “strategic partner” for employees and businesses.

Muzaffer Hacıoğlu

Muzaffer Hacıoğlu –Strategic Planning, Recruitment and Career Management Division Manager, QNB Finansbank

HR Robotics

Don’t you think that it is time for smart software to do repetitive routine works which are currently done by humans? It brings an acceleration in business processes and increase in profitability as well as leading the way to workforce which can accomplish more qualified works. Thus, organizations can offer more flexible and motivating work environment to their employees.

Erdem ve Emre

Erdem Kızıltaş –Training Technologies & Planning Manager, Migros Ticaret A.Ş.
Emre Kocabıyık – HR System Development Manager, Migros Ticaret A.Ş.

Ready for the mobile transformation journey?

As HR, we aim to ensure rapid and immediate access to our employees who number more than 30 thousand all over 81 provinces and to make them manage their all HR processes from everywhere.

We will convey how we use the opportunities of mobile transformation being in the golden age to support this vision via mobile applications that we developed in-house.

You can be inspired by this session if you are willing to ease your employees' lives by using mobile technologies.

Dilek Mete

Dilek Mete – Human Resources Director, General Mobile

Digital Offices

Our success can be measured by how much digital transformation makes our employee’s life easier. When you run on digital transformation, if your usage rate increases without any extra effort or special event, if your employee explores and invents new features each day, this means that you are on the right track. We have a significant and impressive example in order to develop employee experience and efficiency. It was set up a holistic, independent, employee-oriented, mobile system.

Hande Dogu

Hande Doğu - HR Director, Global Ports Holding Plc

Fast Forward Agile Leadership Approach

Global Ports Holding Plc, which defines itself as “An enterprise without enterprise software”, implements HR systems in different parts of the world with its own developed software, using cloud and app based applications and with effective leadership projects. In this way, instead of traditional HR ERP software, it makes fast, easily accessible, easy to understand and effective HR applications. In this session, Global Ports Holding Plc will share examples for the companies in "service industry" which has "limited resources" but "fast growing abroad" and "international".

Yavuz Elkin

Yavuz Elkin – Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Deniz Academy Group, DenizBank

Agile HR

In this session, the digitalization journey of DenizBank Human Resources processes such as recruitment, talent management, Employer branding and performance management will be explained. And the impact of HR Analytics on improving the experience of candidates and employees will be shared.