When we are right in the middle of the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 revolution, it is time to fully review the working patterns, the nature of the workforce and the concepts of employment.

What does it mean to create a workforce that is developing, keeping up with the era and innovating in this new era?

Technological development, changing demographics, new expectations of the workforce create a very different playground for us today where linear learning has disappeared. Our next move in this field as employers will determine the course of the game.

Future of Work Summit is a summit prepared by leading business world professionals right in the middle of this, in the light of the latest developments both in Turkey and in the world, of which the curation is made by Future of Work Information Sharing Platform, focused on getting results in business world and positive social change.

Our annual summit challenges the status quo and inspires business leaders to take meaningful steps.

Future of Work Summit, asking you to leave the balloon that appears safe, brings together the best mentors, futurists and speakers from Turkey and the world with an attentive curation as to provide that you leave it with actions by explaining what you have to do today.

In the Future of Work Summit, you will see the issues such as automation, new labor, new competencies, agile teams, meaning-focused organization and new leaders, HR analytics, designing future workspaces with a new point of view.

Come and let's talk together about the philosophy and work of the digital world. Take part in the Future of Work movement that is rapidly taking hold of the whole world!