New Companies, New Leaders!

Technology and digitalization change the working styles of organizations and workforce. The most fundamental way to lead these transformation is to determine the right components with the right positions and on the right times. Leaders of the digital world are trying to define the positions they have today /wish to have tomorrow and gather employees around their strategic goals. Ensuring that organizational implementations and processes are aligned in a way to support this gathering is the responsibility of HR leaders. At this point, HR has transformed into a force that connects the organization with a series of common goals.

Another consequence of the digital transformation is the fast transformation of organizational culture. The struggle to keep up with the changes in organizational behaviors and technology creates a necessity to fully benefit from digital technologies and use them in an efficient way. HR plays an important role here in closing the gaps by creating various skill pools, constructing a career architecture charming for the workforce and simplifying skill processes.

Digital Leadership Summit brings the leaders together, who pioneer digital innovations in various organizations to witness the transformation of the business and rethink the future.

If you attend the Digital Leadership Summit:

You will get to know the trends of the digital world and the creative and innovative leadership

And obtain an understanding of how the concepts you learn today will affect tomorrow’s business world.

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