Main Sessions

Megan Reıtz

Author, Professor of Leadership & Dialogue / Ashridge

James Taylor

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Adam West

Head of Marketing / Satalia

Dr Rıza Kadılar

Global President / European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Hakan Alp

Assistant General Manager of Human Resources and Organization / Yapı Kredi

Burcu Erol

General Manager / &NOW

Summit Sessions

Evren Şahin – Vice President in charge of Digital Banking Channels, Yapı Kredi 

Yes, the Post-Transformation Era has already started!

- Positioning mobile as “Remote Control of the Bank” approach as the key factor in the transformation that made Yapı Kredi the most innovative digital bank in the world

- Designing data-driven smart customer engagements in the post-transformation era

- A new Digital Service Model as the next generation of advice and sales in banking


Sevil Özkan – Sales Director, SmartMessage

Transforming Customer Experiences via Moment Marketing

Digital transformation success that will lead the way to be a smart company depends on internal dynamics and also, transforming the customer experiences. In her session, Sevil Ozkan will explain how moment marketing will help brands in engaging with today's consumers via the power of technology and creating seamless customer journeys.


Gülter Bedel – Vice President in charge of Digital Banking Application Development and Software Architecture, Yapı Kredi

Digital Transformation Journey in Banking

The journey of creating the Digital Bank of Turkey, both technology and development investment required with the individual ride provided in the results. Studies to remain the leader bank in the future and supporting technologies by positioning the individual at the center. Cloud journey in banking and the need to be ready for the future as a system infrastructure and software.


Bilal Ramazanoğlu – Training and Development Manager, Tofaş Akademi

The Future of Learning

Learning is gaining new meaning and evolving in every period. Technology and human shape learning. Starting from the past, we should understand better today and be ready for future learning methods.

Mete BAYRAK – Co-founder, Motiwe

How Video Content Transforms to Data With AI?

What kind of use cases could be offered to corporates with AI supported video analytics solution? How to automate security, work safety, stock management and workforce behaviour with AI and cognitive services?

Haluk Çavuşoğlu - Managing Partner, Cloudyflex

Touch Your Millenial Customers Effectively With Digital Transformation

Millenials aka new-generation customers and employees expect different things from your organization. They are always online and they expect personal customer experiences from each channel they touch your brand. Zoho One solution family allows you to design and customize these touch points effectively.

Sevil Özkan – Sales Director, SmartMessage

How Bots Help Brands Increase the HR Efficiency

Technology reshapes the way we do business in every industry including Human Resources. Bots are just examples of this revolutionary progress. In her session, SmartMessage Sales Director Sevil Ozkan will summarize the latest bot advances in the HR industry.

Sefa Karahan - Head of Agency, 1,618 Agency

The Strings Attached To The Digital Creativity

In these days, creativity gets its share as the wind of digitalism blows. The works old fashioned creativity can be of no use. Why does creativity go down in this overwhelming world? or What is the new formulation of creativity? Can we briefly talk about these things?

Kadriye DAĞINIK - Business Development Manager, İsimtescil Bilişim A.Ş.

TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse)

When any new domain is released, activities including violation of intellectual property rights, cyber hacking opportunities and other potential violations become possible. Hence, ICANN developed TMCH program in order to protect your trademark rights. As a trademark protection program, TMCH aims to protect trademark owner rights and provide rapid solution for WIPO processes.