• "Bringing together the best examples from the world and Turkey, further improve itself every year, the most important summit in Turkey that enables enrichment of human resource professionals from different perspectives."

    QNB Finansbank
  • "The platforms where the success stories changing the world like the Marketing Summit are shared contribute to the shaping of our new projects."

  • "Bringing the entire HR Sector together; the industry's opinion leaders, accompanied by new trends and technologies shed light on the future of the HR sector, Turkey's largest organization in the field of Human Resources."

  • "MCT's annual Marketing Summit is an important reference point for the sector with the participation of important guests. We are pleased to support the Summit as the Main Information Sponsor."

    The Boston Consulting Group
  • "The Marketing Summit 2016, in which the world's greatest marketing ideas are analyzed, added value and multi-value projects are shared, gave an unforgettable experience to all participants."


About &NOW

Technology is at the heart of “the fourth industrial revolution” and is forcing the business world, its leaders and organisations, to change rapidly.

The leadership, management and learning processes of businesses are already changing and will change more. The way in which customers connect with brands, products and services, will be reinvented with methods that we do not even imagine now.

&NOW is a new business experience, that builds on our twenty-five years of experience so that all business professionals can quickly adapt to this inevitable transformation, be able to take their place in the world, and take a closer look to the future.

Watch Alper Utku & Richard Watson Webinar

Watch Alper Utku & Calum Chace Webinar

Some of our speakers in our summits for 25 years ...

Guy Kawasaki

World Strategy and Business Thinker & Author

Jack Trout

Marketing Theorist & Author

Tony Buzan

Founder of Mind Mapping & Thought Leader & Author

Martin Lindstrom

Author & Brand Expert & Consultant

Peter Fisk

Conference Chairman & Global Expert & Best Selling Author & Professor at IE Business School & Founder, CEO of GeniusWorks

Don Peppers

Author & Speaker & Thought Leader

Gary Vaynerchuck

Author, CEO / VaynerMedia

Don Tapscott

Business Strategies and Organizational Change Consultant & Author & Speaker

Dave Ulrich

Partner / RBL Group

Alain de Botton

Author, Producer

Rita Clifton

International Branding Specialist & Leader

Muhammed Yunus

2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Founder / Grameen Bank

Christopher Meyer

Founder / Monitor Talent, Economy Expert

John P. Kotter

Chairman of Kotter International & Harvard Business School Emeritus Professor

Lynda Gratton

Founder / Hot Spots Movement & Professor / London Business School

Kevin Roberts

Founder / Red Rose Consulting & Former Worldwide CEO / Saatchi & Saatchi

Jean Christophe Grange

Author & Journalist & Scriptwriter

Yann Martel


Sanjit “Bunker” Roy

Founder / Barefoot College

Charles Eisenstein

World Strategy and Business Thinker & Author

Ayşe Birsel

Innovation Thinker & Speaker & Author

Kaiser Kuo

Former Marketing and Communications Expert / Baidu & Founder/ The Sinica Podcast

Pınar Özcan

Professor, Strategy Management / Warwick Business School

Whitney Johnson

Disruption and Innovation Theorist & Author & Speaker

Tom Peters

World Strategy and Business Thinker & Author

Ram Charan

Bestselling Author & Executive Coach & Global Advisor

C. K. Prahalad

Organizational Theorist & Professor of Corporate Strategy / Michigan University

Stefan Klein

Co-Founder & Chief Designer / Aeromobil

John Perkins

Activist & Author

Fons Trompenaars

Organizational Theorist & Management Consultant & Author

Sidney Finkelstein

Director of Business & Leadership Center / Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Tom Goodwin

Writer & Vice President, Innovation President / Zenith USA

Richard Pascale


Cem Boyner

The Owner-Manager of Boyner Holding

Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer

Author & Professor / Standford University

Patrick Dixon

Futurist & Author & Consultant

Renée Mauborgne

Economist & Business Theorist & Professor of Strategy & Management / INSEAD & Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

Costas Markides

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship & Executive Education Faculty Director / London Business School

Manfred Kets de Vries

Professor of Leadership Development and Organizational Change / INSEAD

Jonas Ridderstråle

Speaker & Thinker & Author

Gareth R. Jones

Professor of Management / Lowry Mays College & Graduate School of Business, Texas A&M University

Dr. Kjell A. Nordstörm

Economist & Author & Speaker

Guy Hoffman

Assoc. Prof. Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Senior Global Executive Partner of Media and Consumer Products Group, Senior Managing Partner of BCG / The Boston Consulting Group

Ryan Holiday

Writer & Media Strategist

Deborah Rowland

Director & Founder / Still Moving

Kate Sweetman

Founding Principal, CCO / Sweetman Cragun

Alan Watkins

Leadership and Performance Expert & Founder, CEO / Complete Coherence

Yves Morieux

Senior Executive Partner / The Boston Consulting Group

Nigel Nicholson

Professor / London Business School

Andy Lothian

Group CEO / The Insights Group

Didem Dinçer Başer

Digital Banking, Customer Experience, Marketing Communication Assistant General Manager / Garanti Bank

İlke Çarkçı Toptaş

Agencies & Brands Chairman / Facebook Turkey

Yılmaz Erdoğan

Actor & Writer & Director

Mark Ritson

Adjunct Professor / Melbourne Business School & Columnist

Peter Vessenes

Co-Founder / CoinLab

HRH Basmah Bint Saud

The princess of House of Saudi Arabia & Entrepreneur & Journalist

Niraj Dawar

Professor of Marketing / Ivey Business School

Ramon Vullings

Speaker & Author & ideaDJ

Peter Economides

Brand Strategist

Ken Segall

Author & Speaker & Creative Consultant

Mike Walsh

Futurist & Writer

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Author & Speaker & Consultant

Colin Shaw

Founder & CEO / Beyond Philosophy LLC

Tom Kelley

Founder & Chairman / D4V (Design for Ventures) & Partner / IDEO

Yann Artus Bertrand

Photographer & Journalist & Director

Ersun Yanal

Football Coach

Brian Mayne

Co-Founder / Lift International &  Speaker & Author & Creator of  "Goal Mapping"

Mike Carson

Founding Partner / Aberkyn & Author

John Mattone

Leadership and Talent Management Specialist, CEO / John Mattone Global, Inc.

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2-3 May 2019

Volkswagen Arena

Remaining Time for &NOW 2019


Fixed exchange rate advantage *Do not miss the opportunity to register for 999 Euro instead of 1299 Euro!
* 1 Euro = 5,95 TL

Human Resources Summit

2 & 3 May 2019
  • 1299 Euro yerine 999 Euro
  • 28 Şubat'a kadar erken kayıt indirimi
  • 10% grup indirimi

Digital Leadership Summit

2 Mayıs 2019
  • 10% grup indirimi

Future of Work Summit

3 Mayıs 2019
  • 10% grup indirimi

Who are the creators of &NOW?

&NOW is designed by Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) who provides management consultancy with 26 years of experience in Organizational Development and Human Resources.

Who can you meet in &NOW?

&NOW offers you an extensive business network. You can meet many different levels of business professionals, such as top managers, keynote speakers, experts, and you can bring your relationship network into dialogue with face-to-face communications.

Is &NOW just a Business Summit?

& NOW, a new generation business and technology week. Human Resources Summit, Marketing Summit, Be Digital Expo, Digital Leadership Summit and Future Of Work Summit are the main events to be held within the scope of &NOW.

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